Erich Kleinschuster 6tet Feat. Carmell Jones, Slide Hampton & Art Farmer
ORF / 1968-71

WB0016 Double LP

Erich Kleinschuster’s projects and initiatives played a vital role in establishing a spiritual home for jazz in Vienna. The founding of his sextet in 1966 and, in 1968, a jazz department at the Vienna Conservatory, were catalysts for a scene that attracted international stars as well as nurturing the careers of home-grown virtuosos. Many jazz exiles, admired in Europe as they never were in the United States, settled for long periods, carving out new lives on the continent. The recordings in this series – many only recently discovered and presented for their first time on these vinyl editions – provide an illuminating and long overdue testament to one of the unsung forces of modern jazz in Europe.   

  • Cut at Abbey Road Studios by Grammy award winning engineer, Sean Magee
  • All Analogue AAA mastering transferred from the original ORF 15IPS studio mastertapes
  • Limited edition of 1,000 copies worldwide
  • Heavyweight ‘tip-on’ gatefold cover
  • 180 gram audiophile quality double LP
  • Gatefold cover artwork features previously unpublished session photos
  • Pressed by The Vinyl Factory (Previously EMI)

Includes performances by Erich Kleinschuster on trombone; Carmell Jones on Trumpet; Slide Hampton on trombone; Art Farmer on Trumpet; Palle Mikkelborg on Trumpet; Robert Politzer on Trumpet; Hans Salomon on tenor/alto saxophone; Fritz Pauer on piano, Fender Rhodes; Jimmy Woode on bass; Peter Marshall on bass; Erich Bachträgl on drums, percussion

Erich Kleinschuster 6tet – ORF 1969 –
with Carmell Jones

Side 1:  

And Things Will Changehere


The J-Dancehere

Erich Kleinschuster 6tet – ORF 1968 –
with Slide Hampton

Side 2:  


Wide Slidehere

Side 3:  

New Worldhere

O.K. Perssonhere


Erich Kleinschuster 6tet – ORF 1968-71 –
with Art Farmer

Side 4:  

Eau Sauvagehere

Red Jeanshere


Erich Kleinschuster 6tet – ORF 1968-71 –
with Carmell Jones, Slide Hampton and 
Art Farmer

Double x2 LP – £35.99
Product Code: WB016
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